10 November 2010

Video: Octopus kills shark

Keeping with the theme...

What happens when you put an octopus and a shark in the same aquarium tank?

Craziness, that's what.

New Look to the Blog

The blog is all shiny with a new look. Now that my program and my first major home renovation are done, I'll have more time to devote to writing.

I also posted my first Photoshop background. It fits the website theme and my personality, non?

21 October 2010

Attention Please

Gerard Butler and Hugh Jackman attended the Metropolitan Musuem of Modern Art for Global Poverty Project event last night. They posed for photos together.

Somehow, they knew I was having a terrible week (totalling my car in a freeway pile-up) and knew just how to cheer me up.

Thank you. That is all.

11 July 2010

Philly Opera rules the flash mob

Standing among the the crowd at the Reading Terminal Market on 24 April 2010, members of the Philadelphia Opera Company treated the crowd to "Flash Brindisi".

The company piped Verdi's "La traviata" over the loudspeakers, and broke into song within the amazed crowd. Cell phones frantically captured the performance on video, as young and old alike were enchanted by what seemed at first to be impromptu karaoke. The crowd quickly realized what was happening, and stopped their busy shopping to enjoy the performance. The performers engaged some of the more willing viewers in mini-serenades.

What a great way to celebrate opera, and advertise for the opera company. These days it's easy to dismiss opera as elitist or out of touch, but this performance reminded everyone in the marketplace that opera can be just as lighthearted as any modern form of music. It truly brought the opera to the average person.

This was an innovative twist on the flash mob. Edmonton Opera, are you listening?

08 June 2010

Making My Day Easier

We moved into our home in October 2002, just a couple of blocks from 34th Street and 34th Avenue. At the time, that intersection was controlled by three-way stop signs.

Since then, the road has extended into Silverberry and traffic lights have gone up. This has helped with the lefthand turn onto 34th Street, but the turn has been tricky in the morning. Everyone turns into slow-moving traffic because most of it is turning right. Still, it's not ideal and would take 10 minutes to turn if done legally. It's also a kittle scary with all the buses turning at the intersection.

Last week, the city installed a left turn signal. Finally, we can turn safely during rush hour traffic.

Thanks, City of Edmonton. This makes my commute much easier in every direction!

06 June 2010

Twilight-themed MasterCard

You can now purchase a MasterCard Debit with your favourite book series on it. Really? When does merchandising go too far? Is this any different in principle than a credit card that supports the Oilers or APEGGA?

At least they're pre-paid. The interest rates would have to be spectacular.

02 June 2010

The Models Are Coming! The Models Are Coming!

At long last, we don't have to pay crazy shipping and California Sales Tax to get lovely lacy things from Victoria's Secret. They are opening a flagship store at West Edmonton Mall in August. It might just be a model invasion!

I love so many of the clothes they sell, and even though I've always tried to stay loyal to Canadian lingerie brands, their product is flat-out gorgeous. I also like the La Senza product, but I feel less loyalty to them now that they are no longer Canadian (Limited Brand owns both companies). Victoria's Secret bras just fit me better, and they feel more sensual than Wonderbras, which are my other go-to bra.

When the first buzz hit about VS coming to Canada, I was disappointed because they were only talking about PINK stores. But with a 16,000 sq. ft. full store, maybe we'll see some lovely clothes, coats & boots next to the delicates.

What is your favourite bra maker?

21 May 2010

Synthetic DNA grows in cells

Just when I think life is returning to normal...

They create artificial life.

It's official. The zombie apocalypse is coming.

I'm glad I live on the outskirts of a smaller city. Time to stockpile the essentials: food, water, rifles, lipgloss. You know, the bare necessities.

Here is Craig Venter presenting the work in his TED Talk:

30 March 2010

Putting the Olympics to Bed

Olympic fervor is winding down this week. The downtown core will be teeming with Olympic and Paralympic supporters at Churchill Square today at noon to celebrate Edmonton's contribution to the Vancouver 2010 Games.

Among the honoured guests is Dr. Bob Steadward, who is considered by many to be the father of international paralympic sport. Bob helped to organize the first national wheelchair games in 1968, and from that point forward he was an advocate for disabled athletes.

He worked through the 1980s and 1990s to found the International Paralympic Committee and as IPC president from 1989 to 2001, he increased the member countries from under 40 to over 200. During is presidency, the Olympic and Paralympic Games were held concurrently for the first time at Seoul, Korea in 1988. For his work with disabled athletes, Bob has received the Order of Canada, membership in the Canada Sports Hall of Fame, and the Olympic Order.

It's exciting to see what kind of impact Edmonton had on the games this year, and how much we helped to Own the Podium. But for me, it's even more inspiring to see one man's work to change the face of international sport.

In the meantime, it's two years until the London Games. I miss the Summer & Winter Games all happening in the same year. It happens so often now that it feels watered down, not like an "Olympic Year."

Oh well. Bye, Vancouver 2010. We had a great time. On to London 2012!

13 February 2010

RIP: Alexander McQueen

L'enfant terrible est mort.

Alexander McQueen died Thursday at the age of 40 in his London home, nine days after the death of his mother and shortly before London and Paris Fashion Week began. Fashion's bad boy combined impeccable tailoring with irreverent and fantastic vision.

He has always been one of my top five designers. His collections were controversial, his aesthetic was eclectic and his runway shows were ambitious. Here are a few of his pieces that inspire me.


13 January 2010

Olympic Spirit

GeoTagged, [N53.53994, E113.43032]

The Olympic Torch passes through Edmonton tonight. I was meeting some friends downtown at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald, so we went out to see it.

It's only -8 degrees so the weather was nice for a winter theme. Lots of people on the street, and lots of police presence.

A fun time for sure. Now it's time for a Hotel MacDonald lounge drink. I'm having a Polar Bear - hot chocolate with Bailey's & Peppermint Schnapps. Yum!