10 July 2009

Freebiez: Slurpee Day

Back after a long absence... Sometimes life catches up with you!

7-Eleven is hosting its seventh annual Slurpee Day. Until they run out of special 7.11-ounce birthday cups, participating 7-Eleven stores will give away Slurpees!

Yum. I'm on my way for Dr Pepper Slurpee, baby!

Here are some interesting tidbits about Slurpees:
  • In the 1950s, Omar Knedlick created a new frozen beverage when his soda fountain broke and he froze and then served his sodas. He built machines using new automobile air conditioning technology. 7-Eleven bought three of these machines and started selling "Slushes" in 1965. Two years before Bob Stanford, a 7-Eleven agency director, changed the name to Slurpee.
  • 7-Eleven owns every genuine Slurpee machine except one. That one is privately owned.
  • Slurpees are always served at 2 degrees Celsius (28 degrees Fahrenhait).
  • Slurpees are only carbonated in the United States.
  • Canadians purchase 30,000,000 Slurpees per year.
  • Winnipeg is considered the Slurpee capital of the world. 7-Eleven stores in Manitoba sell an average of 8,330. Compare that to the rest of Canada at 5,990.
  • Most Slurpee flavours are kosher "parve" and halal (except Diet Pepsi and PiƱa Colada).
  • Slurpees are gluten free.
  • In 2004, Slurpee created an edible straw!

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