12 August 2009

Video Luv: Natural Runner

I've been trying to get into running for a while now. I've bought the fancy shoes. I've gotten the snug, shorter pants. I've set my alarm clock an hour earlier than normal. The only thing I'm missing is the "push."

You know the push. It's the final thing that persuades you, "Yes, I know the bed is toasty warm, or that movie and cup of hot chocolate is ready, but instead I'll go out and run until I'm sweaty and sore."

Pain is something I handle pretty well. I believe I have a reasonably high threshold for pain. Still, I don't go out of my way to cause myself pain, so exercise has never appealed to me.

I'm not sure exactly how to get that final drive to get running. The motivation to look better is not enough to make my body ache. I'm vain, but I'm not quite that vain. The goal to feel better is a strong drive, but isn't quite enough for me.

I saw this and thought that it might be enough of a push. Enjoy!

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