30 October 2008

Product Lust: Charlescraft Spa Reflectives Floor Stand Mirror

Confession time: I don't have a makeup mirror. I never used one before, just a mirror and natural light from my windows. I even spent a few years waiting to get to work to put on makeup. It just seemed to make sense to put makeup on in the fluorescent lights where I worked.

Well, I'm finally breaking down and getting one. But my house is small, so I need to keep my furniture and use of counterspace to a minimum. I was looking for a wall mirror, when I found this:
Charlescraft Spa Reflectives Floor Stand Mirror ($180).

How frickin' cool is this? The good stuff:

  • Almost 173 cm (6 ft.) tall
  • Includes an electrical outlet
  • Hair dryer holder, glass tray and towel bar
  • 22 cm (11 in.) illuminated mirror is glare-free, fog-free and dual sided (one side is regular, one side is 7x magnification)
  • Satin nickel finish

I don't know if I want to shell out 180 bones for this, but it's tempting...

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Anonymous said...

I need a part for the above mirror who can I contact.