11 October 2008

Teardrop Contact Lenses

Do you ever worry that you'll cry and smear your eye makeup? Nobody wants a raccoon face, right? Well, Dutch designer Eric Klarenbeek has created a contact lens with jewels hanging off them to look like tears running down your cheek.

Okay, I'm taking a firm stance on this and stating that I think this is one of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard. I was an optician for five years (opticians are those friendly folks that help you select your glasses and learn to put on contact lenses), so I get nervous putting eyeliner on my waterline. But this!... Gimme a break!

If you look at this and don't see the potential problems you can get, I think you're nuts. If nothing else, this is just begging for a beauty case of conjunctivitis (pinkeye). Of course bacteria is going to ride up that little medical wire and plop down on your eye. But just picture all the other problems that will happen with this. The designer says that his design is constantly being refined and that they are perfectly safe, but all I'm seeing is something tickling your cheek and irritating you ev-ery ti-me you mo-ve your he-ad. Folks, think twice about this. If you need to look this permanently emo, just pull out a nosehair or two and you'll see the tears.

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Youreyesite said...

The contact lens case is often a harbor for bacteria and as such, should be replaced regularly or cleaned. Cleaning of a lens case involves briefly placing the case in boiling water after having manually cleaned the case. If you have a spare pair of lenses in your medicine cabinet, try to replace the solution and clean the case every two weeks. You may purchase new cases for pennies and often your doctor will provide you with free, sterile new cases if you ask.