18 September 2008

Product Review: Infiniti Nano Silver by Conair™ Tourmaline Ceramic™ Hair Styler

I have medium length, straight hair. Every few years I get bored with shorter cuts that need to be styled, so grow it out until it gets to mid-back, but then I get bored and chop it all off again.

I have what one hairdresser called a “sloppy S-curve” (nice!). It’s not enough to make it dry wavy or straight but with a little bend in it. When it’s growing out (like it is now), the weight pulls it down to a hippie-chick look. If it’s cut around shoulder length, the bend makes it kick out at the bottom, so I use a little product to encourage that. It doesn't get very frizzy, but it does get 'fluffy' so that thetop dries fuller than the sleek and smooth I sometimes want.

I put highlights in it 3-4 times a year, but it’s fairly durable and doesn’t really get damaged. The reason it never gets really damaged is because I let it air-dry a lot. I use a ceramic straightener on it once or twice a week, but nearly every day I blow it out about 80% dry with a round brush and leave the rest to air dry. This keeps the top layer from frizzing but gives me volume or straightness, depending on the day. I also style the front until it’s 100% dry, because it’s the only way I can control the dreaded cowlicks!

The blow dryer I look for needs to be able to get hot but mainly needs to deliver quickly. I also don’t like a noisy dryer. I replace my hair dryers every 3-4 years, which is weird if you consider how little stress I put on them, but it means I don’t invest in the salon quality machines.

Right now I’m using the Infiniti Nano Silver by Conair™ Tourmaline Ceramic™ Hair Styler. It’s pretty sweet. It’s ionic, which means there is a ceramic ring around the heating coil which heats up and releases tourmaline ions into the dryer airstream, and this helps your hair stay shiny and avoid frizziness. I find it does keep the 'fluffy' bits of my hair down to a minimum, and when I combine it with a flat brush it makes my hair very straight without a flat iron.

It has a swivel cord which works well, a cold shot button, and comes with a concentrator, straightening pick and diffuser, which I never use. This dryer does a great job to keep my hair smooth, and at 1875 watts it blows the doors off the bathroom. It's not as noisy as you'd expect a powerful dryer to be, and even though I keep the temperature low most of the time I like to have the hot air and cold shot. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it's large, so it's bulky to travel.

If you want an inexpensive hair dryer that does a good job of keeping the frizz down, this is a good choice.

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