30 September 2008

Product Lust: ColorOn Eye Envy Appliqués

As you can see from my 'About Me', I constantly quest for the perfect smoky eye. I was browsing on Sephora.com (because, let's face it, it's pretty much makeup mecca) and found ColorOn Eye Envy Appliqués-Smokey Kit.

I mean, come on! These are perfectly blended swatches that you put on and go. Can you imagine? No blending for ages, and for me, the problem is blending, especially blacks and greys. My eyelid skin is so thin that it grabs the makeup and creates blotches of colour. Blending is a bi-atch, and making a smoky eye using blacks and charcoals usually looks like black-on-grey mosaic.

There are a variety of colour schemes available. The colour blending moves from side-to-side on some, and top-to-bottom on others. Some of the palettes are subtle (Ibiza is taupe-down-to-chocolate), while others are bold (Sapphires and Gold is blue-in-to-gold-in-to-pink).

These appliqués are made from mineral cream eye shadows. They are applied over a concealer base, pressed on, peeled off, and finally a gel set powder is applied to set the appliqué. They claim to be crease-proof. I am a little skeptical that the application would be as smooth as it's described. I have trouble imagining that I could lay appliqué the so the eyeliner is straight and low on the lid. Also, the appliqués apply onto the eye in a pixel pattern, so I think you do need to do a bit of blending.

Still, I'd love to try the Exotic Kit and the Smokey Kit. I think ready-made camoflage or zebra eyes would be great!

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