05 September 2008

Product Review: Olay Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini-Peel

For my first post in my new blog, I thought I'd start on a positive note and review one of my current favourite products. Olay Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini-Peel has become part of my regular routine.

I had severe acne as a teen and went through antibiotics, salicylic acid (AHAs) and retinol creams and Accutane regimes, and was very careful to clean my face and moistrurize every day. In my 20s I maintained a simple cleaning regime of gentle soap and moisturizer, but I didn't do an intense routine like some of my friends. While a tanned constantly as a small child, once I became an adult I stopped tanning and kept my skin as protected as possible.

Despite being blessed with good genes that have always let me look young for my age, I'm now starting to get those little lines people often dread. As a woman in my 30s I try to own my face and everything that went into making it the way it is, but I admit I'm caving to the vanity of minimizing wrinkles.

I've never used glycolic products before, so I decided to start with something relatively low-key. I already use a daily cleaner with AHAs every day to even out my combination skin. I decided to try Olay Regenerist Daily Thermal Mini-Peel with the idea that in my morning shower I could alternate my daily cleanser with something a little more aggressive.

I think I'm in a bit of denial about my age, because I don't want to use products that are designed for reducing the signs of aging. I know that now is the time to act, before I start showing a lot of wrinkles, but I want to fight it just the same. :)

I jumped in the shower and flipped the lid of the tube open. I squeezed out a quarter-sized blob of very thick purple liquid into my hand. I was expecting to be disappointed, because there was no heat coming off the cleanser. When I smeared my hands together to rub it on my face, I felt the first heat, and when I began to work it into my face there was a wonderful warmth that grew to a pleasant temperature. The microbeads in the cleanser are not abrasive, but feel smooth as they work the soil out of your face. The fragrance is quite nice too.

After cleansing, my face feels wonderfully soft and smooth. After using it for a week, my skin felt much less rough than before. I don't know yet how much reduction I'll see in the wrinkles, but I love how much smoother my skin feels. It gives me an extra lift in the morning, and I am definitely making this part of my permanent luv list. It's a keeper!

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